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How Much Should Injury Attorneys Charge to Settle My Case and Can I Fire Them and Change Lawyers?

We have heard horror stories recently of all of the Atlanta and Athens TV lawyers and attorneys trying to get their clients to sign contracts on personal injury cases with fees ranging from 40% pre-suit to 48% pre-suit, and even higher for in-litigation. This is ridiculous! These lawyers are preying on their own client’s ignorance of the traditional market price for an injury attorney.

Most injury lawyers charge 33% for any case that is settled without the firm having to file a lawsuit and 40% if the case goes into litigation (note that’s not just trial, that’s when suit gets filed). These lawyers are doing this to increase their profit margins and by the time the client figures it out, it is too late.

What if your lawyer has one of these ridiculous fees? FIRE THEM. Until an offer is on the table, you owe them nothing and they have no power over you. You are free to negotiate fees with and hire any lawyer you want.

So what should you look for?

  • Make sure you have spoken with your actual lawyer and send an email confirming the fee amounts.
  • For vehicle wrecks make sure that you ask in an email to the case manager what the policy limits of the at-fault driver are. Remember if they only have $25,000 in coverage and your injury is significant, your lawyer may be costing you more than they bring to the table.
  • Once the insurance limits are known, schedule a call with the lawyer and ask what the goals are, and ask about any dangers.
  • Remember if you are getting medical care with a chiropractor or Doctor on lien that you will be paying a large amount to reimburse the doctor on top of any attorney’s fees. Make sure the care you are getting is worth the cost.
  • Tell the lawyer in a written email that they do not have permission to send a demand letter to the insurance company without you reviewing it and approving it first.
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