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Chris was easy to work with and got the job done!

Before he took my case he answered all my questions and clearly explained several options. He and Alicia worked quickly and efficiently to represent my interest. Overall very professional and effective legal service.


Chris and his team were excellent in getting my case resolved right from the beginning.

Chris was willing to take my case when no one else had hope for my case to be solved. Throughout the work on my case, Chris and his team found what I call divine justice. The satisfaction to see that someone had the energy to stand up for me when I did not have energy was the main point of my fast recovery. When I moved to this country years and years ago, someone told me to make sure to find a good doctor and a good lawyer; they both will make your life easier in this place. I did not understand what that advice meant until my accident and I agree with this.

The fact that I found Chris made me realize how important it is to have a lawyer that I could trust, that I could talk to when I was having a very hard time understanding a process, and more importantly that took over everything so that I could recover without any other distractions. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE THAT CAN EXPLAIN HOW THINGS WORK, DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL CHRIS AND HIS TEAM. THANK YOU CHRIS, ALICIA, TRIP, AND EVERYONE ELSE that belongs to this team. I have recovered my self-confidence and more importantly, I learned to trust people again.


Professionalism at its absolute best!!!

Mr. Simon and his assistant Alicia were absolutely wonderful!!! If I ever need anything else again I will be sure to call on them.

Former Client

They WORK for their CLIENTS!

This review is long overdue but I have to give him and his team an A+ rating for doing what they do best. Chris came to visit me at my preferred time, when I was injured, took the time to listen, gave me a preliminary action plan for FREE, provided for me and my family a consistent and thorough update on my case, a timeline to process my case, and above all, the proper time and attention when I needed it most. I can say most ATLANTA Attorneys are ambulance chasers and Chris and his team of professionals is by no means looking for the best payout. “They WORK for their CLIENTS!”

I hired Chris Simon and his team only after careful review and interviews of multiple Personal Injury Attorneys in the Metro Atlanta Area. I found him to be very professional, trustworthy, and attentive to details. YOU NEED SOMEONE THAT CAN EXPLAIN HOW INJURY WORKS. Not someone who asks you first how much insurance is in the case. I highly recommend. My Name is David M… Lawrenceville, GA… Nov. 2008.. Accident by a drunk driver, injured 6 passengers in my vehicle, broken bones, wrecked car, major hospital bills. All this stress was relieved by a Personal Injury Attorney named Christoper Simon.

David M.

I will be calling him again.

Chris was professional and even adjusted his fees based on the work he did. I hope I’m never in the position to need his services again, but if I ever am, I will be calling him again.


Christopher Simon is the real deal!

I was crushed between an SUV and a Semi in June of 2009. Chris was referred to me by another of his satisfied clients. Chris’ patient approach to my case yielded a significant return. His team, most especially Alicia O’Kelly, are wonderful professionals. Getting into the accident was not what I had planned. Having the expert representation of Chris Simon and his team was a blessing in the face of tragedy. Thank you, Chris. You are the standard by which other lawyers should be judged. Bravo!

Former Client

Excellent and professional a very honest and hard-working lawyer!

He works as fast as he can with your case and gets you the best settlement!!! I would recommend Christopher Simon to work on anyone’s case!!!! I am very great full for what he did for me! Thank you!

Former Client

He was always super polite and kind!

I was not planning on using a lawyer for my case. After a few bumps with the adjuster from the at-fault part, I was referred to Chris by a friend and he has been marvelous. He was always super polite and kind, and above all honest. He gave the best advice, even when I did not want to hear it or believe it. He has quite a lot of experience in the field and always offered unconditional support, which is very appreciated when dealing with matters that we are not aware of.
I am very grateful for all the effort and work Chris and his team invested in my case.

Aleska S. Google Review

Not to be overlooked, he’s great at what he does.

Highly recommended! Chris is very knowledgeable and spent a great deal of time being sure I understood the entire process. Communication was phenomenal, he and his team do a great job making you feel taken care of. Not to be overlooked, he’s great at what he does. Plenty of resources and connections to work efficiently and effectively.

Chris W. Google Review

They were very professional!

My experience with Simon Law Firm was great! Tyler and Laynie were great to work with. They were very professional, informative and kept me up to date throughout my case.

P Cross Google Review

I am so appreciative!

Tyler was amazing! I don’t want to see him go! He’s literally been the best first attorney and made me feel so comfortable about all this legal work. Laynie was also a great help and kept me sane when I was unable to reach him as quickly as I wanted to. From the first day I met him, I knew I could trust him. Tyler’s knowledge and readiness to get things done were enough for me. Even though this pandemic, he has made it a seamless experience for me at the Simon Law Firm, and for that, I am so appreciative! Thank you!

Kaleel J. Google Review

I am forever grateful for each and every person that took the time out to listen

Long story short my son was killed in an accident on March 19, 2017. The young lady’s policy was minimal but he was able to get the $25,000; also he was able to get an additional $50,000 from the uninsured motorist claim from my dad’s policy. After it was all said and done I had enough to get a stable place to live for the 2 children I have left, pay off some bills, get a car with no payment that works! And make sure I can do the burial care for my oldest son. People have said they know people who are still alive that have gotten more money than that.

To be honest I’m happy that I still have two left to take care of and even if the money has already been spent, I have a lifetime of memories that I can make and cherish with my kids. I will continue to be optimistic and believe that there are more blessings to come; until then I’ll continue to work hard, live life, love and forgive. Mr. Chris Simon and his staff are families to me. I know people often say that but truly if it was just excellent customer service I would say that, but they are truly family to me. I am forever grateful for each and every person that took the time out to listen when I was worried about things going the right way, or even just texted me to tell me that it’s going to be okay, breathe, and even it’s okay to cry. They’re truly more than family. I genuinely love them and I pray continual blessings to them and their families.

SimplyBMusic Google Review

He is smart, talented, and demonstrates character.

I highly recommend Chris Simon. He is smart, talented, and demonstrates character and ethics in an industry which often does not. He is honest and truly cares about his clients. If you need legal assistance and someone to advocate for you, call Chris. He will give you straightforward and sound advice. If the situation becomes litigious, he is a skilled negotiator and will do his best to secure a favorable outcome.

Deborah Google Review

Simon is very experienced!

Attorney Christopher Simon is a very experienced honest hard-working attorney who will get results for you. when you need someone to get the job done right call Chris he and his staff are awesome

Vivian T. Google Review
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