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Wrongful Death and Car Accident Lawyers

We have been litigating cases in the Athens-Clarke County area for 21 years. With three Athens personal injury attorneys, we can provide the best lawyer for your case and the personal level of service that intelligent clients deserve.

When you call the firm, you speak with the lawyers and discuss the merits of your case immediately, not with a "case manager" or an assistant.

Don't just take our word for it though; please read our actual client testimonials:

Most Georgians don't want to go to the Courts to solve their problems but they recognize that with significant injury and wrongful death cases, going alone is unwise. The process is even harder when you face the reality that there are a lot of slimy injury lawyers out there who are just in it for themselves.

The solution is a no cost free consultation where you and the attorneys will discuss the pros and cons of solving your problem together. Take the free meeting and use your own judgment to decide if we are a good fit.

The more you know you understand your rights, the more we can help you. Our Athens personal injury lawyers have drafted detailed articles answering the most common questions. Click on the links below to go to our website library.

Do You Want to Learn About:Our Background

Christopher Simon has practiced law for 21 years and spent 9 years defending large insurance companies including USAA, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Cotton States, Farmers and defending tractor trailer companies in catastrophic collisions and wrongful death cases.

Harrison Spires has been practicing law since 2009 and attended UGA for undergrad and Mercer for law School. He spent 7 years litigating complex insurance claims tractor trailer collisions for one of the premier insurance defense firms in Georgia prior to joining the firm.

Tyler Bridgers has been practicing law for 9 years and is a graduate of Vanderbilt and Emory Law School.

Mr. Simon is the author of the Georgia Guide to Handling Car Accident Claims. Mr. Simon was chosen as a Super Lawyer by Law and Politics Magazine every year since he was eligible. He has been selected as on of the Top 100 lawyers in Georgia by other lawyers in the Super Lawyers survey for the last three years. Originally practicing out of the Atlanta Office, the firm has grown and evolved to serve the entire state of Georgia.

The firm is selective and will not accept every case that comes to the firm but this allows the firm to give personal attention to each client. Each client gets his cell phone and the initial client meeting is always in person. The firm has satellite office. Here is the link to the Gainesville Injury Attorney Office and the Conyers Office as well.

Our Philosophy

Not every injury should end up in a lawsuit, but if there is a serious medical issue or the loss of life, you need an injury lawyer that is experienced enough to correctly evaluate the case and honest enough to tell you the hard truths. With over 35 years of collective experience, we are pretty good at predicting how things will play out in the coming months. Two of us worked for insurance companies and we have a good sense of how they operate and what they are looking for.

We never forget that you are the client and your questions and concerns need to be addressed.

Results from the last few years:

$9,000,000 for two women who were badly injured when their minivan was struck by a commercial truck.

$5,750,000 for a client from Clayton County who was hit by a tractor trailer

$1,400,000 for a medical student who's foot was run over by a Ford Expedition

$1,500,000 for clients who underwent multiple surgeries after a car accident

$1,200,000 for a wrongful death crash where the commercial company was forced to pay $200,000 over their insurance limits

Car Accident Cases in Northeast Georgia

The billboards off of 85 are planted thick with corny car accident lawyer ads and, sadly, most of them are fools. They encourage their clients to go to the doctor to run up unnecessary medical bills which has the effect of cheapening real cases where people actually need compensation. Attorneys traditionally have charged 33% if the case settles before a lawsuit and 40% if the case is filed with the courts. Now we hear that many of the TV lawyers are trying to rip people off with 35 and 40% pre-suit rates! This is not how the industry should work.

Medical costs are so high that it is normal for a client to look at their bills and wonder if they will get anything after the lawyers and the doctors take their cut. In the vast majority of our cases, our clients do really well in their settlements, but sometimes the facts just don't line up well and that is why we created a fairness guarantee. We cannot not always correctly predict how a case will work out in the end so we promise that even if the case ends up settling for a modest sum. we will never take more in fees than our client gets.

Drunk Driving Crashes

Drunk driving is a common cause of high impact, injury crashes and because these cases involved intoxication evidence and may warrant an investigation into what bars were involved, we always suggest you use a lawyer. Georgia also allows punitive damages when the driver is drunk so the cases tend to have a higher value than a normal car accident case.

We do an in depth investigation of where the driver was coming from to make sure we are not missing any opportunities for the client to pursue a dram shop case in addition to the car accident case. By aggressively pursuing these cases we believe we are an additional deterrent to drunk driving and that is why we also support M.A.D.D. in Georgia and take the civil prosecution of drunk drivers very seriously.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death cases are very complex due to three critical factors; liability (how do you prove who is responsible), damages (how do you effectively paint a picture of a valuable life for the jury) and insurance coverage. Many wrongful death cases would have substantial value in a perfect world but there just is not enough insurance available. We help the client to analyze all three factors to determine the best path forward.

Tractor Trailer and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial vehicles can be governed by State and Federal regulations and average car accident attorneys have no idea what they are doing with these cases. Because the regulations require a variety of records be preserved, one of the key early issues is getting out the spoliation letters to make sure evidence is not destroyed. Many trucking companies simply ignore maintenance and drug testing requirements and hire unsafe drivers. That is why it is so important to hire a lawyer who is actually going to litigate the case and dig into the details. These cases are worth far more than average car accidents because so much foul play is uncovered once we get into the records.

345 W Hancock Avenue
Athens, Georgia 30601

Client Reviews
"Chris was easy to work with and got the job done! Before he took my case he answered all my questions and clearly explained several options. He and Alicia worked quickly and efficiently to represent my interest. Overall very professional and effective legal service." John
"Chris was professional and even adjusted his fees based on the work he did. I hope I'm never in the position to need his services again, but if I ever am, I will be calling him again." Laurie
Excellent and professional a very honest and hard working lawyer! He works as fast as he can with your case and gets you the best settlement!!! I would recommend Christopher Simon to work on anyone case!!!! I am very great full for what he did for me! Thank you!" Anonymous
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