Who is Insured Under a Georgia Car Insurance Policy?

Georgia car insurance polices have 2 general classes of insured people, named insureds and everyone else. The name insured is named at the top of the document and is self explanatory. Of course they have coverage.

Spouses are normally covered as insureds. What if they are separated? There is a case that says if separated but under same roof, then the coverage still applies. Filing for divorce or court ordered separation will terminate the insurance coverage. 

Other resident relatives living under the same roof are also afforded liability insurance under the policy. This applies when they are driving the insured vehicle or a non-owned vehicle (one borrowed from a friend or a rental). If driving a car they own or another resident relative owns, then the omnibus clause coverage does not extend over them. 

Be sure to work closely with an attorney to learn if there are extra layers of insurance available.